What Is Health Care | Concept of Health Care

Health Care is an expression of concern for fellow human being. Health care is a large term which includes medical care or private health care, family health care. Medical care is a subset of a health care system which ranges from domiciliary care to resident hospital care. In many countries, health care is completely or largely a government function. In this case it is termed as government health care.

What Is Health Care?

Health Care is defined as a “multitude of services rendered to individuals, families and communities by the agents of health services or health care insurance for the purpose of promoting, maintaining, monitoring and restoration of health. It has some characteristics features. It should be appropriate, comprehensive, adequate, available, accessible, affordable and feasible. The term affordable health care denotes that health care which can be afforded by all section of people. The professionals who are involved in health care services are termed as health care providers or health team.

Levels of Health Care System

1) Primary Health Care

This is the first level of contact between the individual and health care system where essential health care is provided. This care is provided by the primary health centers and their sub centers with community participation.

2) Secondary Health Care

At this level, more complex levels are dealt with. This service is provided by district hospitals and community health centers. This level serves as the first referral level in the health care system.

3) Tertiary Health Care

This level offers super-specialist care. It is provided by the regional/central level institutions.

Health Care Insurance

Although primary health care is one of the basic needs of human beings, it is difficult to provide equitable health services due to high cost. In developed countries there are many health care companies who come forward to provide affordable health care. Here I want to mention some famous health care insurance such as – United Health Group, Kaiser Foundation Group, Wellpoint Inc. Group, Aetna Group, Humana Group, HCSC Group, Cigna Health Group, Highmark Group, Blue Shield of California Group, Independence Blue Cross Group, Centene Corp Group, HIP Insurance Group, BCBS of New Jersey Group, BCBS of Michigan Group, Guidewell Mutual Holdings Group, California Physicians’ Service, Wellcare Group, Carefirst Inc. Group, Health Net of California, Inc., Molina Healthcare Inc. Group, UHC of California, Lifetime Healthcare Group, BCBS of Massachusetts Group, Metropolitan Group, Cambia Health Solutions Inc.

Health care costs vary from place to place. But the modern civilization demands health care services in affordable health care costs. WHO along with the government of every country should take proper health care policy to make successful global health care coverage. Only perfect health care plan can provide proper family health care and private health care.


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