What Is Domain? How To Purchase Domain?

What Is Domain?

Suppose you have entered a website such as http://www.about.com. This is a Domain address that you have entered. Let’s learn how to register a Domain.

Let’s discuss a little more detail- what are the requirements to register a Domain? Or what will be the cost? Or how will you buy a Domain? These many questions may arise in your mind. Here I am to answer to all of your questions.

At first, what you will have to enter the website which makes registration of the Domain. There are many websites for domain registration. Among them the top ranking company is GoDaddy dot com, then Name Cheap.com and so on.

How To Purchase Domain?

Enter any one of the websites and make an account. You can make an account in namecheap.com because here you can domain by an unverified PayPal. Paypal is the world’s largest online payment getaway.

Do you know what will be the cost? Only 10 to 11 dollars!

At first, enter Name Cheap.com and click on NameCheap.com. Make an account. You will see a page like below.


Write your desired Domain in the search box and click on search button. You will see an image like below.


Select your desired Domain and click on Add To Cart. An image will come like below


Click on Check out with PayPal button. You will be redirected to the PayPal’s own page. Make a login and provide specific dollar.

Then return to your Domain register account. Now you can do anything whatever you want with your Domain because you are getting free control panel & 24X7 Customer Support.

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