Top 10 Android App For Medical Students

Many of you are studying in MBBS & BDS. This post is for MBBS & BDS students. There are so many android apps regarding health and treatment in android stores. Here I am writing about the best 10 Android App for medical students.

1. Taber’s Medical Dictionary

Taber’s Dictionary is one of the most important tools for medical students even an essential tool for the new fresh. Android version of this amazing Dictionary has more gimmicks. You can find out all the word meaning with necessary images easily by searching. Addition of radiology images to this Android App makes it really great.

Android App

2. Anatomy 3D – Anatronica

Anatomy 3D – Anatronica is the essential appfor 1st and 2nd year MBBS/BDS students. An MBBS student can see and learn the location of each organ zooming in or out from various angle through this Android App.

Android App

3. Visual Anatomy Free

Visual Anatomy Free is an another Android App for getting idea about anatomy by being understood the separate location of the body. The difference between Visual Anatomy Free and Anatomy 3D – Anatronica is that Visual Anatomy Free is not 3D. You can use this app as a reference.

Android App

4. Pocket Atlas of Anatomy TR

Again Anatomy! It is said that he is a good surgeon who knows human anatomy well. And to know this human anatomy perfectly Anatomy Atlas is a must. This app provide you with anatomy atlas. But problem is that free version of this app is a trial version. You can download the apk file from online.

Android App

5. Radiology Tutor

This is an excellent Android App for learning about X-ray image. This app will let you know how will be the X-ray images of different physical deformity.

Android App

6.ECG Basics

With the help of this Android App you can interpret the character of bradycardia/tachycardia/arrhythmia in ECG.

Android App

7. First Aid

May be you are a good medical student, you need not to sit for pending item or any supplementary exam but you don’t know the medical treatment procedure of broken hand, fractured head/bone, snake bite or drowning. You can take the aid of this Android App to eliminate your lackings regarding these.

Android App

8. Color Blindness Test

Those who are color blind can’t distinguish between red and green. You can proceed color blind test by this Android App.

Android App

9. BMI Calculator (free)

BMI means Body-Mass Index. It indicates whether your body weight is normal/less/more in proportion to your height. Normal BMI range is 18.5-25. Find out your MBI with this Android App.

Android App

10. Medical Abbreviations EN

As an MBBS student you will have to fall in an uncomfortable situation if you don’t know the abbreviation of different medical term. This Android App will let you know a lot abbreviation of different medical term.

Android App For Medical Students

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