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SSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2016 | All Education Boards

SSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2015 | All Education Boards. Dear SSC exam candidates, already you have got the routine. Your examination is going to start from 2 February, 2015. Many of you are looking for a good suggestion for taking perfect preparation. Here I have prepared English 2nd Paper Suggestion which can help to take good preparation.

Latest SSC English 2nd Paper Short Suggestion 2015

According to the latest curriculum in Eng 2nd paper, question will be made from gap filling with and without clues, substitution table, right form of verbs, narrative style, changing sentences, completing sentences, use of suffixes and prefixes, tag questions, sentence connectors, punctuation and capitalization, writing CV with cover letter, writing formal letter, paragraph, composition.To get good marks you should give emphasis on all the topics.

Part-A: Grammar [60 Marks]

Question 1: Fill in the blanks with clues

Download Important Gaps with Clues

Question 2: Fill in the blanks without clues

Download Important Gaps with Clues

Question 3: Substitution Table

Download Important Substitution Tables

Question 4: Right Form of Verbs

Download Important Right Form of Verbs

Question 5: Change the narrative style of the following test

“Why don’t you come to the market more often?”the wife asked the husband.

“I don’t find it a very enjoyable place,”said the husband.

“But I do. I want to come here every day.” the wife contradicted.

Download Important Narrative Style

Question 6: Changing Sentences

Download Important Changing Sentences (Change of voice, sentence, degrees etc.)

Question 7: Completing Sentences

a) I was wednesday_________.

b) We walked for five minutes_________.

c) But scarcely had we reached the station ________.

d) We waited _________.

e) At last it came ________.

Download Important Completing Sentences

Question 8: Use of Suffixes and Prefixes

Download Important Suffixes and Prefixes

Question 9: Tag Question

Download Important Tag Questions

Question 10: Sentence Connectors

Download Important Sentence Connectors

Question 11: Punctuation and Capitalization

george bernard shaw was born in dublin in 1856 his fathers family had been small landowners in irland since the late seventeenth century he was awarded nobel prize for literature in november 1950

Download Important Punctuation and Capitalization

Part-B: Composition [40 Marks]

Question 12: Writing CV with Cover Letter

***Suppose, some Accounts oOfficer will be recruited in a private company. You are interested to be an Account Officer. Now, Write a CV with cover letter for the post. Your CV should not exceed one page.

Question 13: Writing Formal Letter/Email

***Suppose, you are a resident of Kamlapur. A village under the Sardar upazilla, Jamalpur. The villages suffer a lot for want of proper medical care. Now write an application to the upazilla nirbahi officer to set up a charitable dispensary for the villagers as soon as possible.

Question 14: Paragraph Writing

1) A School Magazine***

2) A Tree Plantation***

3) Your Vist to A Book Fair***

4) A Rickshaw Puller***

5) Traffic Jam***

6) Deforestation**

7) International Mother Language Day**

8) A Moonlit Night*

9) A Rainy Day*

10) Winter Morning*

11) National Flag*

12) A Tea Stall

13) A Railway Station*

Question 15: Composition

1) My Future Plan/My Aim in Life***

2) The Game I Like Most***

3) Computer***/Television**/Internet*

4) The Season I Like Most**

5) Journey by Train***/Journey by boat**/Journey by Bus*

6) Duties of A Student**/Student Life**

7) Science in Everyday Life**

8) Importance of Reading News Paper**

9) A Visit to A Place of Historical Interest*

10) My Childhood Memories*

11) Population Problem in Bangladesh***

12) Unemployment Problem

13) Physical Exercise**

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