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SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2015 | All Education Boards

SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2016 | All Education Boards. Dear SSC exam candidates, already you have got the routine. Your examination is going to start from 2 February, 2016. Many of you are looking for a good suggestion for taking perfect preparation. Here I have prepared English 1st Paper Suggestion which can help to take good preparation.

Latest SSC English 1st Paper Suggestion 2016

According to the latest curriculum in Eng 1st paper question there will be two unseen compression, matching, re-arranging, paragraph, completing story, describing graphs/charts, letter writing, dialogue writing.To get good marks you should give emphasis on all the topics.

Part A: Reading Test [Marks-50]

Question (1-3): Unseen Passage-1

Download Important Unseen Passages-1

Question (4-5): Unseen Passage-2

Download Important Unseen Passages-2

Question 6: Matching

Download Important Matching

Question 7: Re-arranging

Download Important Re-arranges

Part B: Writing Test [Marks-50]

Question 8: Paragraph

1) Tree Plantation***

2) Traffic Jam***

3) A Book Fair***

4) A School Magazine****

5) Fifa World Cup***

6) A Day Labourer**

7) Environment Pollution**

8) Digital Bangladesh**

9) A Street Hawker**

10) May Day**

11) Street Accident*

12) Internet*

13) The Person I Like Most**

14) International Mother Language Day**

15) A Visit to A Place of Historical Importance**

16) Global Warming*

17) Load Shedding*

18) A Moonlit Night*

19) A Rainy Day*

20) Winter Morning*

Question 9: Story Writing

1) Once three was a hare and tortoise in a certain place……..****

2) Sheikh Saadi was a great poet of Iran. He uses to lead a Very simple life……**

3) Bayazid was a small boy. His mother was ill…………*

4) There were two friends in a certain village. They promised that they would help each other at the time of danger……****

5) On a summer day a crow got very thirsty. It looked for water for hither and thither……****

6) Once a lion was sleeping in a forest. Suddenly a mouse came there……***

7) Once some mice were having good time. The owner of the house brought a cat. All the mice fall in a trouble. They sat together in a conference…..****

8) There lived a wood cutter in a village. One day he was cutting wood near a river…..****

9) There was a cow boy…..**

10) Jamal is an SSC examinee. He is not attentive to his lessons specially to English……**

Question 10: Describing Graphs/Charts

Download Important Gaps/Charts

Question 11: Writing Informal Letters

****Write a letter to your friend congratulating him/her on his/her brilliant success in the SSC Examination.

**** Write an email to your friend asking him to return the book in time,

Download Important Informal Letters

Question 12: Writing Short Dialogues

****Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the importance of learning English

Download Important Dialouges

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