Six Health Benefits Of Eating Cabbage

What are the Health Benefits Of Eating Cabbage? Cabbage is one of the important vegetables of winter. It belongs to crucifera family. It is a leafy vegetable. Cabbage fry is a popular dish of our country. Cabbage can be also eaten as raw or cooked form. Specially cabbage is so much tasty when it is eaten with meat. Besides having nutrition value cabbage has diseases resistance power.

Important Health Benefits Of Eating Cabbage

1. Cabbage Contains Plenty Of Vitamin

Cabbage contains all kinds of vitamin needed by the body. It contains riboflavin, pantothenic acid, thiamin, vitamin B6, vitamin c & vitamin K.

2. Cabbage Increases Bone Power

Cabbage helps to keep our bones healthy. Cabbage contains large amount of calcium, phosphorus & sodium salt which reduce different problems of bones. Besides different vitamins in cabbage help to strengthen bone. Those who regularly eat cabbage, the possibility of their bone problems reduce with the increase of age.

Health Benefits Of Eating Cabbage

3. Cabbage Acts As A Weight Lowering Agent

Cabbage help to reduce excessive body weight. It contains trace amount of cholesterol and saturated fat. Besides it contains plenty of dietary fiber. Those who want to reduce their excessive fat they should keep cabbage in their everyday meal menu.

4. Cabbage Acts As An Anti-ulcer Agent

Cabbage can play role I healing ulcer. It very much effective in preventing gastric and duodenal ulcer. It is found in research that the juice of cabbage is the most useful natural medication for ulcer.

5. Cabbage improves Disease resistance Power

Cabbage helps to increase disease resistance capability of our body. Disease resistance power is higher in those who regularly eat cabbage than those who do not take it regularly. Vitamins and minerals present in cabbage helps to increase disease resistance power.

6. Cabbage Acts As An Anti-aging & Anti-oxidant Agent

Cabbage contains lots of vitamin c which reduces different skin diseases. Besides cabbage contain lots of anti-oxidant agent which helps to prevent cancer.

These are all about Health Benefits Of Eating Cabbage. So we should keep cabbage in our everyday meal specially in winter season.

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