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HSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2015 | All Education Boards

HSC English 2nd Paper Latest Suggestion 2015 | All Education Boards. Dear HSC exam candidates, already you have got the routine. Your examination is going to start from 1 April, 2015. Many of you are looking for a good suggestion for taking perfect preparation. Here I have prepared English 2nd Paper Suggestion which can help to take good preparation.

Latest HSC English 2nd Paper Suggestion 2015

According to the latest curriculum in Eng 2nd paper question will be made in three categories-Reading Test, Vocabulary Test and Writing Test. To get good marks you should give emphasis on all the topics.

Key to Success in HSC English 2nd Paper

Go through all the previous board questions. Emphasize specially on the grammar part. Try to solve the grammatical questions as much as you can. Improve your writing skill for composition part.

Part A: Grammar [Marks-40]

Download Important Right Form of Verbs

Download Important Appropriate Prepositions

Download Important Uses of Articles

Download Important Linking Words


Make meaningful sentences with the following idioms.

Cut off, Null and Void, Swan Song, Flesh and Blood, In lieu of, For the sake of, Hard up

Download Important Idioms & Phrases

Download Important Narrative Style

Download Important Transformation of Sentences

Download Important Tag Questions

Download Important Completing Sentences

Download Important Cloze Test With/Without Clues

Part B: Composition [Marks-60]

Suppose you are a reporter of a national dailies. Now write a report on “World Cup Cricket 2015”

Download Important Report

1. International Mother Language Day

2. Your Future Plan of Life/Your Aim in Life

3. Your Childhood Memories

4. Your Favorite Teacher

5. Computer

6. Satellite Television

7. NewsPaper/Importance of News Paper

8. Importance of Learning News Paper

9.  Your Favorite Hobby

10. Victory Day

11. Load Shedding

12. A Visit to Pace of Historical Importane

13. Road Accident

14. Your College library

15. Your Visit to A Trade fair/Village Fair/Book Fair

16. Bad Effect of Smoking

17. Physical Exercise

1. Your First Day At College

2. A visit to A Place of historical Importance

3. Science in Everyday Life/Uses and Abuses of wonders of Modern Science

4. Uses and Abuses of wonders of Satellite TV Channels

5. The Season You Like Most/Your Favorite Season

6. Duties of A Student/Student Life

7. A Journey by Train/A Journey by boat/A Journey by Bus

8. My Future Plan/My Aim in Life

9. Computer/Television/Internet

10. Population Problem in Bangladesh

11. Population Problem in Bangladesh

12. Natural Disasters of Bangladesh

13. The Rivers of Bangladesh

14. The Birds of Bangladesh

15. Natural beauties of Bangladesh

16. World Cup Cricket

17. Female Education in Bangladesh

Write an application to the principal of your college seeking permission to stage a drama in the college auditorium.

Download Important Formal Letters

Write a dialogue between you and your friend on the choice of career.

Download Important Dialogues

Download Important Summaries

There lived a saint in a forest. He was very kind. Once a mouse ran to him and took shelter in his lap. The mouse was trembling with fear because a cat attached it. The saint felt pity for the poor mouse. So he turned the mouse into a…..

Download Important Completing Stories

HSC English 2nd Paper Latest Suggestion 2015 will be applicable for the following Education Boards.

  • HSC English 2nd Paper Latest Suggestion 2015 Dhaka Board
  • HSC English 2nd Paper Latest Suggestion 2015 Rajshahi Board
  • HSC English 2nd Paper Latest Suggestion 2015 Jessore Board
  • HSC English 2nd Paper Latest Suggestion 2015 Chittagong Board
  • HSC English 2nd Paper Latest Suggestion 2015 Comilla Board
  • HSC English 2nd Paper Latest Suggestion 2015 Barishal Board
  • HSC English 2nd Paper Latest Suggestion 2015 Sylhet Board
  • HSC English 2nd Paper Latest Suggestion 2015 Dinajpur Board

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