Health Care for Pregnant Women

Health Care for Pregnant Women. Pregnancy is a physiological state in the life of every reproductive woman. Though pregnancy is a normal condition some changes occur in both body and mind during this time. For this reason pregnant women face some problems. These problems are not the matter of worried. We can solve these problems easily by taking steps of Health Care For Pregnant Women.

Here I discuss some health problems which most of the pregnant women face usually-


2. Acidity/Burning in the chest

3. Constipation

4. Haemorrhoides/Piles

5. Frequent Micturation

6. Tetany and pain in the muscle of lower limb

7. Vaicosity of the vein of lower limb

8. Back pain

Let’s discuss how to take Health Care For Pregnant Women


The pregnant women usually feel nausea at the beginning of the day. It is the first indication of pregnancy. It is felt at any time of the day during pregnancy. The pregnant women can’t eat any thing. Even the can’t tolerate the smell of meal.Health Care For Pregnant Women


  • Eat little food but frequenly
  • Eat dry food – toast, biscuits just after getting up sleep in the morning.
  • If this condition exceeds more than 3 month then consult with the doctor.

Acidity/Burning Sensation in the chest:

Acidity occurs during pregnancy due to increase progesterone hormone secretion.Pregnant Women


  • Avoid taking junk food
  • Drink little water while eating
  • Drink plenty of water gap between two meal
  • You can take antacids according to the doctor’s advice


The pregnant women suffer from constipation due increase progesterone hormone secretion. It leads to haemorrhoides/piles.Pregnant women


  • Drink adequate amount of water (At least 8 glasses/day).
  • Eat fiber rich food – vegetables, fruits, pulses, cereals, wheat.
  • Take regular walk
  • You can use glycerin suppositories to get rid of constipation (Temporary)Health Care Of Pregnant Women


If pregnant women suffer from constipation for a long time it can lead to Haemorrhoides/Piles. It leads bleeding following rupturing of the blood vessels during defecation.


  • Take some exercise regularly
  • Eat fiber rich food and drink plenty of water
  • You can use cream or suppositories according to the doctor’s advice

Frequent Micturation:

During pregnancy the uterus become enlarge. Enlarged uterus create extra pressure on the urinary bladder. For this reason micturition occurs before filling of the urinary bldder.


  • Urine test is necessary whether there is any infection in the urine.
  • Examine whether the pregnant mother is suffering from diabetes.

Pain in the muscle of lower limb:

Usually pregnant women suffer from pain in the muscle of lower limb specially in calf muscle at second stage of gestation specially during night.


  • Exercise the calf muscle before sleep at night.
  • Move the digits towards the knee which let you to stretch the calf miuscle.Health Care For Pregnant Women

Varicosity of the veins of lower limb:

Enlarged uterus creates an obstacles to the blood flow through veins of lower limb which leads to varicose veins.


  • Do not stand up in one place for a long time.
  • Make the habit of walking.
  • Little bit raise your legs while taking rest.

Back pain:

Body weight is increased during pregnancy. The ligaments of the joints also become loose. This is why pregnant women suffer from back and waist pain.


  • Keep the backbone straight during sitting and walking.
  • Take bed rest instead of sitting or walking for a long time.
  • Avoid using high heel.
  • Take some exercise regularly.Pregnant Women

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