Best 20 Happy Valentine SMS | 14 February 2015

14 February is world wide Happy Valentine’s day.  The day is celebrated in many countries around the world. Valentine’s day is one of the most important days of year for the couples whether they are married or unmarried. Who does’t want to make his/her partner happy on this day? You can surprise your special one with some lovely valentine sms, can go on a long drive or you can present    Valentine gifts. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Here is a unique collection of Best 20 Happy Valentin’s Day SMS which you can share with friends and your loved ones.

Happy Valentine's Day SMS
Happy Valentine SMS

1. Happy Valentine SMS For 2015

Far or near

You are my dear

Young or old

You  are my gold

East or west

You are the best

Happy Valentine!!!

2. Happy Valentine SMS 2015

I Know I Can’t Make U Laugh All

The Time, But I Will Give U My

Shoulder Whenever U Cry.. I May

Not Give U All U Want, But I Will

Give U All I Have.. I May Not

Have All Riches To Share, But A

Big Heart To Care.. Because I Love

U My Dear. Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine!!!

3. Happy Valentine SMS 2015

As long as U love me

I’ll stay by UR side

I’ll be ur companion

ur frnd & UR guide


As long as U love me

As long as u care

I’ll do anything 4 u

I’ll go anywhere


I’ll bring u the sunshine

I’ll comfort ur fears

I’ll gather up rainbows

To chase all ur tears


As long as 4ever

My love will be true

For as long as U love me

I’ll only love you

Happy Valentine!!!

4. Happy Valentine SMS 2015

So Many Time

I Thought I’d Never

Find Some one To Love Me

The Way I Needed To Be

Loved Then

U Came In My Life


Showed Me

What True Love

Really Is.

Happy Valentine

Best Happy Valentine's Day SMS

5. Happy Valentine Text SMS 2015

When I need friend, U R here with me.

When I need help, U R here  with me.

When I need sm1 who care, U R here with me.

When I need sm1 who luv, U R here  with me.

When I need sm1 who spcl, U also R here  with me.

I miss U so much……………………..

Happy Valentin’s Day!!!

6. Happy Valentine SMS 2015

When I think of you,

I hope you’re thinking too,

about my love so true,

be my valentine,

in the east or west,

you know I love you best.

Happy Valentine

7. Happy Valentine SMS 2015

Every Boy’s wish:

I’m not a Prince but my life-partner should be a Princess.

True Lover’s wish:

My life-partner may not be a Princess but I promise I’ll treat her like a Princess!

Happy Valentine 2015!!!

8. Happy Valentine SMS 2015

The Day You Came In My Life,

I Felt You As My Best 0ne.

I Judged You Not By Your Beauty or Tone,


Because I Felt You As My 0wn.

Be With Me Forever.

Happy Valentine!!!

9. Happy Valentine SMS 2015

I Never Knew What Love Was Before You.

I Was In The Dark And You Were The Light

That Shined Its Way Into My Life

My Sweet. My Love.

I Want You To Know..

Happy Valentinee’s Day!!!

10. Best Happy Valentine SMS 2015

You are unique

You are caring and

You are the best.

And I am the luckiest to have you in my life!

Happy Valentine’s Day my sweet heart!

Happy Valentine's Day SMS
Happy Valentine Text Message
11. Happy Valentine SMS 2015

Ever Since I First Laid Eyes On You.

It Was As If My Whole World Was Turned Upside Down.

Finally Today I Have The Courage To Say.

Will You Be My Valentine Today?

Happy Valentine!!!

12. Happy Valentine SMS 2015

If You Say Jump, I Will Ask How High,

If You Say I Swim, I Will Ask How Deep.

If You Say Run, I Will Ask The Distance,

But If You Say Go, I Will Say There Is No Way.

Because You Are My Boo.

Happy Valentine My Love !

13. Happy Valentine SMS 2015

Our love is like a lovely bridge

Between your heart and mine

A bridge we’ve built down through the years

Just to our own design

Happy Valentine!!!

14. Happy Valentine SMS 2015

I Love The Way You See Me…

I Love The Way You Touch Me..

I Love The Way You Hug Me…

Infact I Love The Way You Love Me..

Love U Sweetheart.

Happy Valentine 2015!!!

15. Romantic Valentine SMS

No Poems No Fancy Words

I Just Want The World To Know That


My Princess With All My Heart.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day Wall Paper

16. Happy Valentine SMS 2015

We Have Been Together For So Many Years

And Have Celebrated Many Memorable Occasions Together..

When I Look Back And See The Most Romantic And Cherished Moments

It Was All Because Of You..?

Love You So Much My Princess Of Venus!

17. Happy Valentine SMS 2015

Today Is The Day. ?

I Wanna Tell U That How Much U Mean For Me..

When U With Me All Days Valentines Day For Me.. ? ?

Be With Me Sweetheart

Love U So Much ..

Happy Valentines Day!!!

18. Happy Valentine SMS 2015

The Best Thing For Darkness Is Light…

The Best Thing For Night Is Sun…

AND The Best Thing About Me Is U…

Happy Valentines Day!!!

19. Happy Valentine SMS 2015

Live 4 d person ho dies 4u,

Smile 4 d person ho cries 4u,

Fight 4 d person ho protects u,

And luv d person ho luvs u more than u.

Happy Valentine!!!

20. Happy Valentine Message 2015


V= Valentine ; You Are My Only Valentine

A= I Will Always Be Yours

L= Love At Its Most Extreme

E= Everlasting Love ; Ecstatic Love.

N= Never-Ending Love

T= We Will Always Be Together Forever

I= You Being Intelligent And Innocent;

N= Natures Naughty Way Of Saying I Love You To

E= Eternity Our Love Is So Ever Lasting.

Happy Valentines Day 2015!!!

Happy Valentine's Day Greeting Card
Happy Valentine Greeting Card

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