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36 BCS Written Result Download | www.bpsc.gov.bd. 36 Preli Result will be published soon. Those who haven’t pass  35 BCS written exam are waiting for 36th BCS. Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) will arrange for 36th BCS Exam within 2015. 36 BCS Preli Circular will be published soon by BPSC. This is right place to find out 36 BCS Circular, 36th BCS Preli Admit Card and 36 BCS Preli Result.BPSC

Govt. Vacant Post Available for 36th BCS Candidates

At this time there are there are total 2,180 Govt. vacant posts in different cadres. In 36thBCS a total  2,180 candidates will be recruited in different cadres. The posts include – Education Cadres = 1248, Agriculture Cadres = 398, Assistant Police Super Cadres = 120, Foreign Ministry Cadres = 20, Administration Cadres = 250, Economy Cadres = 16, Audit and Accounting Cadres = 15, Tax Audit and accounting Cadres = 43, Statistics Cadres = 10, Public Works Cadres = 33, Information General Cadres = 17, Information Professional Cadres = 35, Livestock Cadres = 46, Fisheries Cadres = 32, Food Cadres = 13, Health Cadres = 187 and Family Planning Cadres = 06. Total=2,180.

When Will Published 36 BCS Written Exam Routine

36 BCS Written Exam Will Be Started from 1 September, 2016

36 BCS Written Exam Date and Routine will be published 

36 BCS Written Result Download

36 BCS Written Result will be found here.

Download 36 BCS Written Result

Download 36 BCS Preli Result

Download 36th BCS Circular  [PDF File]

When Will Be Held 36 BCS Preli Exam

At least 2 months after publication of 36 BCS Preli Circular. Most possibly it will take place towards the last of this year 2015.

36 BCS Exam At A Glance

  • 36 BCS Preli Circular Publication
  • 36th BCS Preli Exam
  • 36 BCS Preli Result
  • 36 BCS Written Examination
  • 36 BCS Written Result
  • 36 BCS Viva Examination
  • 36 BCS Viva Result

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